Forening for udbredelsen af
kristne profetier og åbenbaringer i vor tid

Don Stefano Gobbi
Comfort Amidst Mourning - Budskab nr. 496


Bogen kan bestilles gennem Profeti.


Budskab nr. 496
Fr. Gobbi 13 Notre Dame de Laus (Gap, France), May 30, 1993
Feast of pentecost

Comfort Amidst Mourning

"You are bringing to completion today, in this venerated shrine, the journey which you have undertaken all through France. In fifteen days, you have held a good twenty cenacles, in which bishops, priests and a great number of the faithful of my Movement have taken part.

Everywhere you have gathered together in prayer with me before the Eucharistic Jesus solemnly exposed on the altar, and you have renewed your consecration to my Immaculate Heart. Everywhere you have contemplated the marvels of love, of grace and of mercy of your heavenly Mother.

You are completing this extraordinary journey today, on the solemn feast of Pentecost. This is a sign which I am giving you, to make you understand that, in the garden of my Immaculate Heart, the new Church and the new humanity, purified, sanctified and completely renewed by the Holy Spirit, are even now ready to come to birth.

This decisive time of the purification and the great tribulation is the time of the Holy Spirit. And so I renew again today my invitation to multiply the cenacles of prayer, which I have asked for, with such motherly insistence.

Let these cenacles be spread among the priests, my beloved sons. Surrender to me Your concerns and your many occupations. Do not give in to the easy seductions of the world. Return to the spirit of simplicity, of humility, of littleness. Recollect yourselves in prayer in the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, and then you will be able to see, with Your own eyes, the wonder of the Second Pentecost.

Let children come together in cenacles, because their innocent prayer, united to mine, has today a great power of intercession and reparation. From how many evils you have already been spared, because of the prayer of these little children of mine!

I want to gather young people together in cenacles, so that they may experience my motherly presence, the presence of a Mother who loves them, protects them from the great dangers to which they are exposed, and who leads them with gentle firmness, along the road of goodness, of love, of purity and of holiness.

The cenacles which I have asked of families are a precious gift to them so that in them they may experience the joy of my presence, the comfort of my assistance, and the help offered against the grave evils which threaten their very existence. In these cenacles, the Holy Spirit will come down to lead you to the Second Pentecost.

It is necessary, above all in these last times, that the Church and all humanity be transformed into a continuous cenacle of prayer, made with me and through me. Then the Holy Spirit will come down as a comfort upon the mourning of your days, in which the great trial has already come.

Amidst the mourning of a humanity without God, there will come down the comfort of the Holy Spirit, who will lead the whole world to the perfect glorification of the Heavenly Father, bringing about a new marriage of love between a renewed humanity and its Lord who has created, redeemed and saved it.

Amidst the mourning of a divided, darkened and wounded Church, there will be felt the comfort of the HOly Spirit, who will clothe it with fortitude and wisdom, with grace and holiness, and with love and light, in such a way that it may give its full witness to Jesus, living in it until the end of the world.

Amidst the mourning of souls, made slaves of Satan, immersed in the shadow of sin and death, there will alight the comfort of the Holy Spirit, who will give the light of the presence of God, the life of divine grace, and the fire of love, so that in them the Most Holy and Divine Trinity will be able to take up its permanent dwelling.

Amidst the mourning of the great trial, there will come down the comfort of the divine presence of the Spirit of the Lord, who will lead you to live -- with confidence, courage, hope, serenity and love -- through the events, which are awaiting you.

Then, in the midst of fire, you will feel his refreshment; in the cold, his heat; in the darkness, his light; in mourning, his comfort; in fear, his courage; in weakness, his strength; in great suffering, his divine solace.

And so today I invite you to unite your prayer to mine, so that the Spirit of the Lord may come down upon you, with all his gifts.

Come, O Holy Spirit.
Come and change the face of the earth.
Come quickly.
Come, in these last times.
Come, now that the great trial has arrived.
Come and bring us your Second Pentecost, so that our eyes may see your greatest miracle, that of the new heavens and new earth."





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